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We provide Private Wealth Management services in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Our Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance. Your particular organization may draw upon the services of our management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants' specialized expertise.

As a result of their exposure to, and relationships with numerous organizations, our consulting firm is typically aware of industry "best practices." However, the specific nature of situations under consideration may limit the ability to transfer such practices from one organization to another.

Our consultancies may also provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, process analysistechnology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services. In this sense, our management consultants often bring their own proprietary methodologies or frameworks to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing work tasks.

With a managed solution mandate, you delegate the management of your assets to us, taking advantage of our broad, long-standing expertise.


With a managed solution mandate, you delegate the management of your assets to us, with your wishes and objectives taken fully into account. The essential components of our managed solutions are, first, that you are always invested in line with current market expectations, and second, that our investment specialists can quickly and efficiently adapt your portfolio to new market conditions. Thanks to our Asset Management and Investment Banking global expertise, we are able to call upon a wide range of institutional competences for our private clients. Based on these competences, as well as our proven investment process, we manage your portfolio in a disciplined manner and monitor it on an ongoing basis. 


You can choose between close-to-index, broadly diversified strategies as well as strategies focused on individual asset classes and regions. In addition, you have the opportunity to invest your assets according to sustainable investment approaches.

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