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AIRSTAYZ™ bringing guests mobile access to Mobile Booking, Online Check In, Keyless/Cardless Entry to hotel rooms and guest facilities, utilize a range of Concierge services, access Special Offers, Increased security and Credit (loyaty program).A Global Experience Platform™ (GEP™) providing cloud-based distribution, inventory management, merchandising and technology solutions for the travel industry.

Obi - The cheapest ride, every time.

Obi lets you compare pricing across all the major ridehails, taxis and black cars. We show real-time pricing of every car so you get the cheapest ride, every time. Obi users save 20% per ride on average, adding up to thousands of dollars in savings.



Welcome to a new era of hotel entry. It’s keyless, cardless, and completely reshaping the standard for guest service.


About OpenKey

In 2014, we set out to perfect mobile hospitality. Since then, we’ve helped hotels and resorts around the world develop a guest experience they can enjoy as much as their guests do.

We’ll work with existing platforms to advance your property into an exciting new era of customer engagement. Our dedicated staff will provide a seamless transition to keyless entry, remote check-in, hotel-specific apps, and much more — all tailored to your property and your guests.





Ampia is a contemporary Italian restaurant which
boasts a spectacular rooftop terrace. It brings Capri
ambiance to the heart of the Financial District.


A perfect meeting point for a business lunch or client
dinners, the restaurant is both spacious and intimate.
The rooftop terrace lined with lemon trees and plush
lounge seating is the perfect after work escape from
the busy downtown streets.


The menu, curated by world renowned Chef
Michele Iuliano, offers a modern take on Italian



A family just like yours.

We, at InFin Advisory are a group of old-fashioned American family businesses that act as your primary specialists insurance brokers and risk management platform. We act on your behalf and provide advice in what best serves your family. In order to provide you with an array of solutions in your everyday life, we have partnered directly with top Insurers with over 100 years of experience in the industry.


Our insurance brokerage agency  is independent while it solicits, writes and binds policies through many different insurance companies. InFin Advisory is not directly employed by any one insurance carrier. We will find you the best product there is. 


ai driven systems


Why human-like robots?

Robots will soon be everywhere. How can we nurture them to be our friends and useful collaborators? Robots with good aesthetic design, rich personalities, and social cognitive intelligence can potentially connect deeply and meaningfully with humans.


Creating value with  human-like robots.

For more than two decades,  Hanson Robotics has been building the world’s most human-like robots. Endowed with rich personality and holistic cognitive AI, our robots are able to engage emotionally and deeply with people.  They can maintain eye contact, recognize faces, understand speech, hold natural conversations, and learn and develop through experience.

Our robot faces are created with a patented material calledFrubber®, a proprietary nanotech skin that mimics real human musculature and skin. This allows our robots to exhibit high-quality expressions and interactivity, simulating humanlike facial features and expressions.

EV Motorcycles


Soriano Motori Logo

SORIANO MOTORI CORP is the parent company in The United States of America of SORIANO MOTORI Srl in Europe, a company established to revive the historic motorcycle vintage European brand established and invented by Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz in 1919, with the today’s best state-of-the-art technology offered in the field of electric propulsion with top engineers from Italy.

Since 1919, Soriano fulfilled dreams of personal freedom by leading the innovation of race cars, outboard engines, speed boats and in 1939 two-wheeled mobility. The revival of the company will offer an expanding range of leading-edge, distinctive models of motorcycles and brings the brand to life through SORIANO MOTORI's riding experiences and exceptional motorcycle parts, accessories, riding gear and apparel.


As an integral part of the entire project, SORIANO MOTORI CORP will be one of its kind, with offices in the world class innovation cities of New York, USA; Milan, Italy; and Madrid, Spain. The Soriano Motori’s Men and Women are comprised of highly accomplished engineers and consultants, with a proven track record and extensive array of experience in delivering award-winning products for some of the most prestigious motorcycle companies in the world.


Apart from creating and reviving the old existing European brand and trademark, we are aiming at undertaking all sorts of global projects confidentially as we would invest in creating technology demonstration motorcycles and specific engines, brake systems and transmission that would benefit from today’s current use of electricity. Our services core values resonate with application, design, integration, manufacturing and systems that are established or near-term delivered in low-to-high volume production.

EV Motorcycles


Future Global Sales EVs.png

Meet your idols

Have a good time and learn.

elimobile is the first Social Mobile Operator, which combines the world of telecommunications with the social relationships.

In addition to a distinctive mobile offer in the price, in the Giga, in quality and in speed, elimobile gives access to the elisium entertainment and training portal.

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