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The 2019 Historic Hotels of America Top 25 Most Magnificent Gardens Announced
OHEKA CASTLE (1919) Huntington, New York
This historic castle features French inspired formal gardens with fountains, 10 reflecting pools, classic statuary, and tree-lined paths of London Planes, designed by the world-renowned Olmsted Brothers. Original gardens back in the 1920s also included English style walking gardens designed by prominent landscape designer, Beatrix Ferrand. Hollywood has used the backdrop of OHEKA’s gardens in the classic movie, Citizen Kane, as well as being featured in a popular Taylor Swift music video and on the television series, Royal Pains.


Oheka served as partial inspiration for Gatsby's estate in F. Scott Fitzgerald's TheGreat Gatsby. ... In the 1941 film Citizen Kane, photographs of Oheka were used to portray the fictional Xanadu. The castle is shown in the 2008 movie What Happens in Vegas, with stars Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. 
The most simple answer is the difference between the two is defined by the end use. Residential construction is living space and commercial construction is used for commerce. At first glance one might think the difference is in the buildingmaterials and methods employed but that is not always so.


NY’s biggest real estate stories of 2018
From Google’s $2.4B Chelsea Market buy to raids in the Philippines, TRD traversed the globe to bring you the most important real estate stories of the year
But the story wasn’t just driven by narrative. Our project manager and researcher, Ashley McHugh-Chiappone, conducted a data analysis on the gender makeup in New York City’s top real estate brokerages and development firms. It was a heavy lift that took nearly three months, but the effort wasn’t in vain. Her work revealed that the leadership teams at most of the city’s largest development and investment firms are at least 70 percent male. And at the city’s 20 largest commercial brokerages, only three come close to having an even split of male and female brokers.


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Modernizing Guests' Hotel Experience

AIRSTAYZ™ bringing guests mobile access to Mobile Booking, Online Check In, Keyless/Cardless Entry to hotel rooms and guest facilities, utilize a range of Concierge services, access Special Offers, Increased security and Credit (loyaty program).

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